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The NeoFlex - DTG, Solvent & Edible Ink Printing

The Neoflex is the only printer on the market that converts between a textile and solvent and/or edible ink printer and back again in a matter of minutes. This 2-minute switch gives you flexibility in the market and offers the ability to diversify the level of products you can offer to your customers. The NeoFlex was designed to grow with your business, providing you with an easy transition to test out the substrate market for just a small investment.

The Neoflex was featured in T-Shirt Forums first annual “DTG Battle Royale” in 2011, taking first, second and fourth place. read more

With the coveted NeoRIP Pro® imaging software you will have the ability to create fantastic gradients, glows, fading effects and accurate color profiles.  Your shirts will be unmatched by your competitors.   With this RIP working hand in hand with the Neoflex Textile Printer you can digitally print your shirts as if they were photo paper.  Your designs will stand out above and beyond with the Neoflex than with any of our competitors machines.

Image Area
The NeoFlex has a forty-two inch by seventeen inch by 3-inch printable area. With the NeoFlex’s flatbed technology, the operator is able to print a single image the entire length of the bed or multiple images that fit within this generous printable area. You can also print 3 average sized t-shirts in a single pass.

On average, the NeoTex can print over sixty white shirts per hour and twenty to thirty black shirts per hour. With regards to solvent, the NeoFlex’s large printable area allows the operator to load and print as many items that can be placed on the bed.

Continuous Workflow
The NeoFlex printer head actually moves over the substrate allowing for a continuous workflow. For example, as the printer completes one item, you are able to load a new item; simultaneously as the machine is already printing the next and will cycle back and forth as many times as you instruct it to. With other machines on the market, the substrate is usually moving underneath the printer resulting in workflow inefficiencies because you are constantly waiting for the printer to finish a job before you reload, and the printer sits idle while you are reloading. With the Neoflex, you can reload over and over while the machine is doing other jobs.

Print Head
The NeoFlex is based on an Epson 4880 commercial grade printer with a print head rating of 45,000 impressions. In contrast to most other competitors’ machines, the NeoFlex print head has a Non-Stick Coating that has drastically improved its vulnerability for nozzle clogs.

For more detailed information on the Neoflex, please visit our Direct To Garment blog.

DTG (direct to garment) textile printing will enable you to produce high quality t-shirts never before possible with an incredibly quick turnaround. With the Neoflex’s innovative technology, the printer moves over the bed, allowing you to switch out your printed designs with fresh shirts, giving you a continuous workflow.  The Neoflex uses the greatest RIP on the market, the NeoRIP Pro software, which produces amazingly high quality prints including fades and gradients on both light and dark shirts, incredibly accurate flesh tones, photorealistic quality and perfect registration.
The Neoflex solvent printer option or NeoSol allows you to: • print on glass • print on metal • print on wood • print on plastic • print on ceramics and much more.
The Neoflex edible ink printer option or NeoEdi allows you to: • print directly on your candies, cookies or pharmaceutical substrates. Edimark inks are pigment based, specifically designed for jet printing onto tablets, capsules and other edible substrates for pharmaceutical, food or confectionery applications. The ink series includes solvent and aqueous variations, has good color and gloss as well as excellent water, scratch and smear resistance.