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Be a Glitz Up Distributor

No more messy glue or tweezers!

The Glitz Up offers two patented tools in one. It holds your rhinestones with a vacuum and places them precisely and permanently with the adjustable heat function. Setting rhinestones on your clothes and favorite items has never been easier.

We are now looking for distributors of this unique product, please call us at (215)634-2235 M-F 9am – 6pm EST if interested.

The Glitz Up works like a standard hot-fix crystal setter. When placed over a rhinestone or stud, the adhesive on the back side of the embellishment heats up and melts, so that when you place it down on your surface, it will adhere without additional glue.  It can handle every style, shape and size of rhinestone.

The Glitz-Up is unique because it’s the only hot-fix crystal setter on the market that also uses vacuum suction to keep the crystal or stud securely positioned in the wand tip. The suction is created by the regulator unit, and when you cover the hole in the wand the crystal is “sucked up” and stays there until you remove your finger and release the embellishment into the desired position.

  1. Place the stud/crystal right-side-up on a heat-resistant mat.
  2. Place the tip of the wand straight down over the top of it.
  3. Move your finger to cover up the hole in the wand to activate the suction.
  4. Place the embellishment where you want it to be on your project.
  5. Remove your finger to de-activate suction.

For ordering visit our Rhinestone/Sequin Embellishment store

To be a distributor for Glitz Up, please call us at (215) 634-2235 M-F 9am – 6pm EST.

All American is the official North American distributor for Viva Decor products.