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4 Colors 4 Sizes of Sequins

Sequin Motif Machine

Introducing the worlds first sequin motif machine that can place a 2mm sequin INSIDE a 7mm sequin. Able to apply 3 or 4 shapes, colors and/or sizes at once!

• The fastest automatic hotfix sequin motif making machine on the market
• Easy-to-use touch screen monitor
• Automatic up and down
• Machine holds 3 to 4 easy-to-load cartridges that can contain different shapes and sizes (circles, stars, hearts, squares, etc.)
• Automatic repeat functions
• Faster production and higher profit margins compared to rhinestones.
The Sequin Motif Machine is the fastest and most advanced digital automatic hotfix sequins motif making machine on the market. Sequins are flat, iridescent, colorful, pieces of plastic that come in various shapes and sizes (circles, stars, hearts, squares, etc.)
Easily create your own custom designed sequin motif that can be transferred to just about any type of garment.
The Sequin Motif Machine rapidly sets your creation onto transfer tape at the impressive max speed of 600 pieces per minute!

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